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The Grenville Queen Anne Metal Roofing System in  North Grenville

Is it time for a new roof?  Turn to The Grenville Queen Anne Shingle Company in North Grenville.  Our metal roofing system is made of high-tension 24-gauge steel, plated with aluminum and zinc, and then coated.  The system includes a combination of six individually styled shingles and interlocking flashings. It rests directly on the roof and is attached with screws, but retains an air pocket under each shingle.


To ensure the integrity of our system, which has been designed to last a lifetime and to sustain the longevity of our roofing system we recommend that, you:

  • Install our system on a durable base, such as ½“ or 5/8" plywood

  • Use metal to wood with nylon washer 1" screw when installing the flashings and shingles

  • Install an ice and water shield over the entire roof area

Our complete interlocking system will withstand high wind, torrential rain, and hail.


Advantages of Installing a Metal Roof


  • Lighter in weight and preserve structural integrity
  • Enhanced visual appearance
  • Available in different styles to match your home
  • Interlocking panels to withhold wind
  • Resists fire


If you need a metal roof in the Ottawa and surrounding area, contact The Grenville Queen Anne Shingle Company

We take pride in our products

Our one of a kind roofing system is manufactured with absolute attention to detail.

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