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The Grenville Queen Anne Shingle company

We are a small business, the owners are involved in every aspect of the manufacturing of our product.  Our attention to detail is key to ensuring the handcrafted quality of our authentic metal Victorian-style roofing shingle.  We have sourced the strongest Canadian steel for our raised shingle.  It is weight-bearing without causing damage to the design.  The Grenville Queen Anne Shingle™ system is interlocking and installed without strapping.

  • We use environmentally friendly materials

  • There is no carbon footprint during the manufacturing process

  • Our steel roofing system and any waste can be recycled

  • Our materials are Canadian made

if you are:

  • In need of a new roof

  • A builder of a new or custom home

  • The restorer of a public or private historical building

Contact us for more information or to discuss your roofing project, call 613-898-7166.

Metal Roofing System

Our metal shingle roofing system is made of high-tension 24 gauge steel, plated with aluminum and zinc, and then coated.  The system includes a combination of six individually styled interlocking shingles as well as interlocking flashings.


The air pocket in our system provides insulation and creates a barrier that reduces condensation, ice build-up, and temperature expansion and contraction issues.

Heritage-style Roofing Shingle

Inspired by the many Victorian era original metal roofs, we have put our 25 years of metal fabrication experience to use and producd a heritage-style metal shingle that can be installed with roofing jacks.


If your house is a Victorian, or Arts and Crafts design, a classic colonial or mid-century Vintage style, our finely detailed metal shingle is one of the best options to preserve that authentic, traditional look.

Metal roofing Shingle 

Steel shingles are preferred for their fire-resistant qualities, longevity and speed of installation.  They are also surprisingly lightweight, approximately 1/3 the weight of asphalt shingles. 


If you are planning a new custom-designed building our metal shingle will provide a unique feature and added value.

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